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PMD Medical Our Story

PMD Medical and MeasureUp were prompted by personal experience which led us to create a new specialized pediatric device focused on improving the quality and collecting process of urine and stool samples.

MeasureUp Uses and Specifications

MeasureUp was designed to collect stool and urine samples simultaneously while making it easier and safer for the child and medical staff.

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About MeasureUp

MeasureUp is a comprehensive medical device used for urine and stool sample collection in 0-3 years old children. It prevents sample cross contamination by isolating the two regions apart.

A single device can be used for either urine or stool sample collection. Two of such devices could also be attached together to sample urine and stool simultaneously without cross contamination.

This device is secured to the skin with a gentle and conformable medical grade silicone adhesive. It also features a removable foam insert that quickly absorbs liquids and could be rinsed out to acquire the sample.