MeasureUp Device

PMD Medical LLC

This company and device were prompted by personal experience. Our child Weston Lundy was admitted for digestive issues (diarrhea) for over 10 days. By the time Weston was in he was dehydrated and still very sick. We attempted to obtain a stool sample for the first 3 days without success because of the consistency of the stool and the absorption properties of diapers. Furthermore, the nurses were weighing Weston’s urine diapers to monitor his hydration levels without drawing blood or a urine sample.

The device

The device was tested and developed for over 8 months. Through that process we knew the end goal; creating a device which can catch and hold urine for easy weight measurement, and the ability to catch and hold a stool sample with any consistency. Also, those two samples are not allowed to contaminate each other, but the device must have the ability to capture urine and stool at the same time.


We have successfully tested the device for urine and stool samples. The last resulting outcome from a hospital standpoint is patients should shorten their stay. From our personal experience, I imagine our visit could have been 2 or 3 days shorter if we were able to obtain samples. Shorter visits should result in happy and more satisfied patients. Also, the less pokes on children the better, especially when just testing hydration levels. The device will save staff time and effort while obtaining samples. It takes time to scoop stool into a testing vile.